Organizers Say RNC is 'Full Steam Ahead' Despite COVID-19

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Organizers for the Republican National Convention say the event is "full steam ahead" despite the nation's COVID-19 outbreak. 

During a virtual press conference Wednesday, WCNC Charlotte asked how they plan to keep the more than 50,000 expected visitors safe during the event, which is scheduled for the week of August 24 — four months from now. 

Officials said it's too soon to make any definitive call on what they'll do. With 50,000 expected visitors coming to Charlotte for the RNC, that's 50,000 people who will need food, hotel rooms and transportation. Organizers say the event will be a major economic boost for the area and they're optimistic the country will have a better handle on coronavirus by then. 

They also said all eyes will be on Charlotte, pointing out the fact that the Olympics have been postponed, so they say the RNC will be the biggest public event we may see this summer. They anticipate an international audience to see how the city handles the event during what could be a global health pandemic, but organizers say the health and safety of all involved is their number one priority.

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