Charlotte's Projected COVID-19 Surge Moves to June

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Social distancing in Mecklenburg County is helping, with a new projected date of Charlotte's surge now forecast for June 8, but there are fears that people are starting to disobey social distancing and stay at home orders which could ruin the progress made.

As of Monday, there are a total of 992 cumulative cases and 16 deaths in Mecklenburg County. That number could double before the peak arrives.

A month ago, there were 3 cases.

The demand for hospital beds in Charlotte could climb to nearly 3,000 if social distancing is remained at its current pace of around 50 percent, according to Mecklenburg County Health Director Gibbie Harris.

Presenting the new projections to Mecklenburg County commissioners, Harris explained raising the rate of social distancing another ten percent, to 60%, would cut the demand for hospital beds in half. In that scenario, the surge would arrive around June 25.

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