Huntersville Police Department Surprises 6-Year-Old Boy at Birthday Parade

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — A lot of people are having to adjust plans because of the coronavirus. When it comes to kids, it can be difficult to explain why things like birthday parties can't happen safely right now.

But a socially distanced birthday party was made extra special for a 6-year-old boy in Huntersville when the police surprised him at his birthday parade.

They weren't exactly invited to the original party, but the surprise definitely made it extra special for the birthday boy.

"It was police officers!” Ryan Canosa told WCNC Charlotte over FaceTime.

His 6th birthday party was canceled because of the coronavirus, obviously a disappointment for a young kid. Instead, they had a parade down their street so his family, friends and teachers could drive by, honk and screamhappy birthday.

“It’s a hard thing for kids, it's a hard thing I think for adults to even understand and wrap their minds around,” says his mom, Jen Canosa.

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