Blake Shelton's Mullet Has Returned And It Looks Great!

Photo Credit: Blake Shelton/Twitter

Blake Shelton's mullet game is strong! Now that the coronavirus pandemic has most of American (and most of the world) confined to their homes, many people are turning into self made barbers and stylist. Some have a natural gift with scissors and clippers but watch out, I've also seen some horror stories from those trying to cut their own hair.

Blake Shelton's girlfriend, Gwen Stefani came to the rescue when it was time for Blake's haircut, giving him a mullet!! While social media comments weren't very positive... I actually think Gwen did a fantastic job and now Blake looks even hotter! Mullets are in!!! I also love the addition of stripes on the side!

Yes or No? Like it or leave it? Let us know!

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