Where Did All The Toilet Paper Go? 18,000 Pounds Of It Found!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

And just like that, all the toilet paper was gone! I've never payed attention to how much toilet paper was used in my house, until now. America is noticing a massive toilet paper shortage following the Coronavirus outbreak, leaving many families concerned they may run out of the "paper goods" before it's restocked.

Well, if you're wondering where in the world all the toilet paper went.... you're not alone. Yes, families are stockpiling BUT toilet paper is also being STOLEN ya'll!! NC deputies found 18,000 pounds of toilet paper in the back of a stolen tractor- trailer. POUNDS!

The incident is still being investigated. The good news .... now we have 18,000 POUNDS of toilet paper to be used!! Also, toilet paper suppliers are working extremely hard to keep up with the demand. Yes, it's always good to have a FEW extra rolls around the house but try not to panic buy during these uncertain times so others needs can also be met. We are in this together! This too shall pass. (pun not intended)

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