Bachelor Finale Recap: The Meanest Mother In Law In the World Goes To...

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Chris Harrison was right, the Bachelor finale was unlike anything we've ever seen before. A new Bachelor villain has surfaced and this one may be the meanest of them all... Peter Weber's Mom!!

At the start of the season, my hope was that Peter and Hannah Brown (our last Bachelorette) would rekindle their flame and end this season with a fairy-tale love like no other. But after watching last night's finale, it's evident why Peter Weber is (and will probably always be) SINGLE. The fast recap.... Hannah Ann found out during Peter's final rose proposal that the other contestant, Madison left two days earlier and now Hannah was the only girl left standing. Basically the only girl left to receive a rose. She accepted the ring and final rose (of course she did.) We were all thinking that Peter and Hannah Ann were engaged and set to be married ...We were wrong. Peter was still in love with Madison and couldn't go through with the engagement.

We ALL know how's Peter's Mom felt about Hannah Ann, she called her an "angel on earth" so Momma Weber was NOT happy with Peter's decision to end things with Hannah. Chris Harrison flew to Alabama and let Madison know that Peter was no longer engaged and was still in love with her SO of course Madison shows up at the finale with Peter. The entire country watched in shock, horror and disbelief as Momma Weber rolled her eyes and showed complete disgust with Madison. Momma Weber even said that Peter will have to "fail to succeed." Through all the disrespect, Madison showed nothing but Grace and respect towards the Weber family.

I thought I had the absolute meanest Mother in Law in the World but I have to say that Momma Weber ties if not beats out my Mom-n-law (and that says a LOT!!!) We all realize why she loved Hannah Ann so much.... because Mom knew she could manipulate and control sweet Hannah Ann but not Madison. Peter was IN LOVE with Madison and Mom lost control of her son. Madison continuously and gracefully stood up for herself and never took junk from this evil Mom.

As much as I love, love, love Madison.... HONEY RUN!!! There is no way in the WORLD I would ever marry into that family and deal with that Mom. Could you imagine her being your child's grandma? The devil is a lie. Social media almost broke the internet commenting on Barb's actions. Peter's brother has a girlfriend that also got the heat of last night's drama. Social Media users commented on her page telling her to run while she can before she gets stuck with the meanest Mom-in-Law in all the land.

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