Crocs & Peeps making a "mash-up" clog for Easter

CrocsxPeeps are a thing. It's the new world we live in. Some folks (not all) like Crocs. Some folks (not all) like Peeps. Is there enough of a market share that a collaboration is really necessary. CrocsxPeeps think so!

Check out the new mash ups in bright blue, yellow, or pink . . . and they have three Peeps chicks sticking out of the top of the shoe like triceratops horns.

$50 for Adults and $40 for kids sizes. The Crocs website says that the adult versions are somehonw The Crocs website says that somehow the adult version is SOLD OUT?! Can that really be?!

This is Crocs' second line of special-edition shoes with a food brand this year. Last monththey created a line with KFC that were chicken scented and had plastic drumsticks on top. 

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