Are These Chase Rice Lyrics About Bachelor Contestant Victoria Fuller?

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Lorne Thomson

Chase Rice has something in common with 'Bachelor' Peter Weber, they've both gone out with Bachelor contestant Victoria Fuller. In a recent episode, Peter chose Victoria for a one on one date. The date started out in a theme park and ended with a private Chase Rice concert. Sounds romantic and it probably would have been had Peter taken any other contestant besides Victoria.

The date got awkward the second Chase locked eyes with Victoria. According to her, the two dated right up until she came on the show. Chase denied dating her but admitted they've hung out. (you can listen to Chase talk about Victoria in our podcast below) After listening to the podcast... continue reading to see the lyrics that led us to be that Chase may be singing about Victoria in "Lonely If You Are."

Alesha out in Granite Falls brought these lyrics to our attention.

"If it's Monday and it's over

You know the show your girls all come over for

And the red wine's getting lower

And your last friend's out the door

When there's no more roses to go around

Hit me up girl, you know I'm down"

What do YOU think.... think the song is about Victoria? Think their relationship was more than just a "hang out?"

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