Female Serial Killer Moves To Fort Mill, SC


57-year-old Catherine Wood, a convicted serial killer has been released from Tallahassee's federal prison and is now living in Fort Mill, SC. Wood and her partner Gwendolyn Graham were known as "The Lethal Lovers" and the "Alpine Serial Killers." The two made headlines in 1987 after killing five women in a nursing home. According to reports, Wood was a nurse's aide and served as a "look out" while her partner smothered the residents with washcloths. The families of the victims' are concerned that Wood will kill again.

Wood has moved in with her sister who resides in Fort Mill, South Carolina. People are concerned that Wood is still a danger to society and they're worried that she may do it again. Michigan Police Sgt. Roger Kaliniak, who helped investigate the murders at Alpine Manor Nursing Home in 1987 fears that Wood will kill again. He said quote, "She's a serial killer and she could do it again, and most of them do," he said. "I believe that Cathy Wood was the mastermind, she was the one that was pulling strings on Gwendolyn Graham. Gwendolyn Graham handled the dirty work and Cathy Wood was the brains behind it. " Wood had previously been denied parole eight times because she wasn't remorseful and found that she was a potential danger.

WSOC reported, the South Carolina parole board said the terms of Wood's parole will keep her away from the elderly, children and vulnerable adults. Her parole ends in June 2021.

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