Time To Write Those New Year's Resolutions.... What Are Yours?

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Yearly I jot down a few New Year's Resolutions with the best intention on following through with them. It's the same thing every year... save money, pay off debt, exercise....you know... the common resolutions. This year my resolutions are a bit different. This year I plan on....

  1. Stop doubting myself and comparing myself to other people. God has created us all with a purpose. No, you may not look like the rest, sound like the rest, do things like the rest but that's OK. You are unique and you have something that no one else has. Don't doubt the things that make you... you.
  2. Be Present. I catch myself trying to capture moments instead of enjoying them. I don't want my boys growing up saying "my mom always had a phone in her hand."
  3. Learn how to say no. That's REALLY hard for me because I don't like disappointing people. Time is valuable and it's important that you use it wisely. Take care of YOU or you can't help anyone else.
  4. Return phone calls and text messages.
  5. Love more.

That is my goal. My 2020 Resolutions. They say that most resolutions are broken by day two so stay strong. If you fall off... dust yourself off and get back to it. 2020 is gonna be a great year! CHEERS

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