12 Days Of Prankmas By Luke Bryan's Wife

Luke Bryan's wife Caroline is quite the prankster! Every year Caroline puts on the "12 Days of Prankmas" and Luke Bryan's mom was this year's first victim! LeClaire had no idea that what she was witnessing was actually a prank.... when it was revealed that it was all a joke, LeClaire collapsed to the ground as she shouted "Don't ever do that to me again."

But ya'll ... when she threw her ciggareette and then tried to pull the "fan" off of Luke... LOL I lost it!!! That's a MOM MOVE right there! LOL LOVE IT !

Day 2: Caroline dressed as a mannequin and then scared unsuspecting shoppers as they walked by.

Day 3: Imagine the most disgusting smell you've ever smelled... then bottle it up! Caroline bought a bottle of "liquid booty" and went around spraying it on and around people. Click the right arrow in the video below and see how Luke responds when he gets squirted with the scent.

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