8-Yr-Old Girl Raising Money To Buy Blankets For The Homeless In Charlotte

Photo Credit: Nahla's GoFundMe page

8-Year-Old Nahla ElBate-Fuentes has one big heart. When she noticed there were homeless in our community sleeping outside in this cold weather, she wanted to do something about it. With tears in her eyes she explained how she has everything she needs but she's worried the homeless won't survive the cold. She first started selling baked goods but then asked her Mom to also start up a GoFundMe page. Her goal was to raise $100 to buy 10 to 15 blankets.

Nahla's Mom explained her mission on the GoFundMe page....

"My 8year old daughter, Nahla, came to me the other day really sad. She ended up explaining that she was sad because she knows that there are homeless people that are really cold/freezing in the winter time. She asked me if I could help her sell stuff to raise money to buy blankets for the homeless! She made her own fundraiser & with my help, is trying to reach her goal of $100 to buy blankets with. She's selling cupcakes, dipped rice crispy treats, & candy bags. She's also taking donations, money or just a blanket you no longer need! So far she's up to $13 between selling cupcakes & change that was donated. I want to keep her faith in the good in the world& in others. If anyone would be interested in buying cupcakes ($1.50 each), dipped rice crispy treats, ($1.50 each), or candy bags(assortment of candies& chocolates in sandwich bags) $1.50 each., or donating a blanket, or money(she said to make sure to tell people even change counts!) Please let me know! She's very hopeful that she can do this & I want her to have a successful fundraiser & to see that her efforts count a lot! ❤ Anything helps, even if it's just $1!"

In less than 24 hours she had surpassed that goal and was up to $310 (and it continues to rise.) If you'd like to help Nahla buy blankets you can donate to her GoFundMe HERE

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