Zac Brown Releases 80's Themed Music Video For "Swayze"

Earlier this year Zac Brown surprised the world with a new solo album called "The Controversy." You'd be in for a huge shock if you bought the album expecting to hear good country music. "The Controversy" leans more towards pop and R&B. One song on the album, "Swayze" had everyone talking.... the lyrics are ummm 'different.'

“I can’t be your Tom Cruise *****, I’m Patrick Swayze. Every time I get a new *****, I need a new *****. I’m just sayin’, I’m so Swayze. ‘Bout to ghost on you, *****.”

If the song had your mouth hitting the floor, just wait until you watch the music video. The rest of the world can have this "new Zac Brown" but I'm sticking with the 'country version' Zac.

(Warning) The video contains profanity

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