It's illegal for "big box" retailers to open on Thanksgiving in Maine

I'm all for Black Friday and if you want to brave the crowds to fight over a $10 toaster. I mean, you do YOU. But this whole let's start shopping on Thanksgiving night is a little ridiculous. So much so that Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island have a law that prevents "big box" retailers from opening on Thanksgiving day! According to the Retail Association of Maine, stores in Maine that exceed 5,000 square feet are not allowed to be open on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. The statute requires stores like Target, Walmart and Home Depot to remain closed. The big-box store exception is L.L. Bean, which uses the exemption that "establishments primarily selling boats, boating equipment, sporting equipment, souvenirs and novelties" can remain open. Because when I think about buying a boat it's usually on Christmas Day, Easter or Thanksgiving (sarcastic shrug!)

Pharmacies, gasoline stations and theaters are also allowed to remain open, according to the Retail Association of Maine.

Lawmakers have tried to repeal the law, but the latest attempt was vetoed by Gov. Paul LePage in 2017.

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