Haunted House in Tennessee will give you $20K if you make it through

McKamey Manor is supposedly the scariest haunted house in the world. So scary, in fact, they'll pay you $20,000 if you can make it all the way through without quitting. While that may sound easy enough, keep in mind that no one has been able to get through it over the last 2 years. It sounds pretty hardcore. Just to get in the place you have to sign a 40 page waiver, have a physical exam, & even a doctor's note. The owner of McKamey Manor has been sued several times by people claiming that they've had things done to them to to keep them from completing the haunted house. Good thing the owner videos each customer for their protection and HIS. In addition to watching the video below, check out some of the rules for entering this house:

Be 21 years old or older, or 18-20 with parents approval

Completed “Sports Physical” and doctor’s letter stating you are physically and mentally cleared

Pass a background check provided by McKamey Manor

Be screened via Facebook, Facetime or phone

Proof of medical insurance

Sign a detailed 40-page waiver

Pass a portable drug test on the day of the show

If you're ready to make the road trip CLICK HERE!


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