Gaston County Teen, Zack Welch Becoming 2020 Professional Pro Staff Angler

During a recent "Thank You Thursday" I had the honor of meeting Renee Welch who works at the Gaston County Sheriff's Department. Renee walked into the room with the biggest smile and most infectious energy. She's the kind of person that brings light to any room she walks in. Today, Renee's smile is even bigger because she recently received some great news (news that she called in to share with us!)

Renee's 13-year-old son Zack is autistic and he LOVES to fish! Renee shared photos of her son and his passion of fishing on a Facebook post. She expressed her desire to one day see a fishing tournament for kids with Autism because "they are always labeled and not seen for their able." Zack's dream is to one day be a professional angler and his dream is soon coming true!!! Still unbeknownst to Zack, he'll be fishing in the Special OPS Survivors Fishing Tournament on Lake Norman on November 9th.

A Florida based fishing company, Vector Hooks, saw Renee's post and reached out to sponsor Zack and announce him as their 2020 Professional Pro Staff Angler. Since the word has gotten out even more companies have come forward to sponsor him!

The 2nd Annual Special OPS Survivors Memorial Fishing Tournament is being held at Queens Landing on Lake Norman. To find out more information CLICK HERE

We are SO excited for Zack and we look forward to seeing all of his big catches!

If you missed Renee telling the good news... check it out below. You can also check out Zack's GOFUNDME page HERE

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