Paul Schadt and Sarah Lee Take Over The Cleveland County Fair

We had such a great time with our families at the Cleveland County Fair! This has been a family tradition of mine since I was a child!! Every year my Dad would stock us up with two sheets of ride tickets and a Ziploc bag full of quarters to play Fat Albert!! Vinegar fries and "Elephant Ears" were a must! It feels amazing to continue this family tradition with my kids.

Yesterday Paul, Kathy, Emily and Adam and my husband Rob, and our kids Bear and Zion played until we literally dropped!! Paul taught Bear how to throw darts and he won a prize on his first try!! We tried winning a prize playing my favorite game 'Fat Albert' but we didn't luck out on that one! It only cost .25 cents to play and all you have to do is guess what color the "fat albert" rat will run to. Check it out!

We didn't win Fat Albert but Bear DID win two fish!! He named them 'Mustard' and 'Ketchup'....

Below are some pictures from our fun adventure!

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