Sarah Lee's "Job Application" From The Hospital Bed

Time flies!! Literally!

A year ago, I was at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville waiting to give birth to my baby boy Zion. My husband saw a radio news article stating that Paul Schadt was looking for a new co-host and I freaked out! I've known Paul for years and I've always dreamed of the opportunity to work with him! I told my husband to message Paul and tell him I wanted the job! (We all worked in the same building many years ago)

My husband was taking pictures all Morning long, documenting our "baby day" and unbeknownst to me he sent Paul Schadt a picture of me ON THE HOSPITAL BED, literally minutes before our son was born. I actually found out about the picture during the interview process when I was sitting with the big boss and she told me about it! Needless to say I left the interview and was on the phone with my husband before I even made it to the car LOL .

Today, Paul shared the picture and message my husband sent! I wouldn't have guessed in a million years I would have been given a shot... BUT GOD! Today is my sweet, HAPPY baby boy's FIRST birthday. What a special day with incredibly special memories.

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