I Did A Thing Yesterday, I Rescued A Dog From The Road. Meet Flappy

The story behind FLAPPY the rescue dog.

It all starts on Sunday. We were running late for church so I left with my 4-year-old son Bear and my husband left later with our now 1-year-old, Zion. After church we decided to leave together to grab lunch with plans on picking my husband's car up later. Unfortunately we had an unexpected emergency trip to the hospital with my baby and my husband's car stayed at church.

Yesterday evening we made a trip to the store and then stopped by the church to get the car. My husband got in his car and drove away and as I was following behind, I noticed a dog walking around the church trash can looking for food. My heart broke. There's no way I could drive away. Thanks to my kids I always have food in my car so I pulled over and threw the dog some food. That poor baby inhaled the food the second in was in view. I got out and poured it some water and made a call to my husband. "Lee, we are not taking a stray dog home" was his immediate response. He quickly ate those words when he returned back to the church and saw the state the poor dog was in.

We gave the dog one of Bear's Lunchables we just bought and the made the joint decision to take him home. Once home we bathed him THREE times with flea and tick medicine and he's still infested with fleas (poor baby) .... We were not looking for a dog and it couldn't have entered our life at a more inconvenient time BUT I believe that we crossed paths for a reason.

We are taking "Flappy" to the vet today to make sure he doesn't have an owner looking for him. We've posted pictures of him to see if anyone will claim him but if not.... looks like Flappy is about to live his best life! Be prepared to be spoiled silly handsome boy!

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