Charlotte company hiding $100 bills all over the city today (7/10)

7/10 - There's going to be a city wide treasure hunt today! Breakout Games is an escape room in Pineville. They've placed 20 $100 bills around Charlotte today. Sometime betweek 5p-8p the company will be releasing the coordinates on their website. They say if you're the first person to get the coordinates and find the money it's yours. If you were thinking like me and thought "what's the catch? Do I have to spend it on their escape room or use the $100 as a discount to bring a group in?" The answer would be NO! Breakout games says there are no strings attached.

I'm ashamed to say I've never done an escape room. After watching their video (below) I'm going to have to change that very soon.

Happy hunting!

-DZL (the new guy)

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