Eric Church Explains Why "Some Of It" Is Connecting With Fan In A Big Way

There is something special about the new Eric Church song "Some Of It" yo can hear a certain passion in this song. Now Eric is ALWAYS passionate in his songs, but there is something different in this one. Eric say's: “That’s a song, a coming-of-age song, it’s an adult song... It’s adult music. If you listen to the thematics in that and what it’s about, it’s about being older and having some wisdom about you.” I couldn't agree more! I find myself singing along to it every time I hear it but there is one part that really connectes with me:

Most of it comes with age

And none of it ever comes easy

A bunch of it you maybe can't use

I know I don't probably know what I think I do

But there's somethin' to

Some of it

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