Watch: Paul Schadt's "Shot Of The Day" Weekly Recap

How do you take YOUR daily vitamins? So far... Paul Schadt is 5 for 5 on catching his. I was pretty impressed when Producer Geof used my son's golf club and shot the vitamin in Paul's mouth. That was incredible! May this serve as a reminder to take your vitamins and maybe add some fun in the way you take em'!

Monday: This was by far the easiest day. We were just trying things out... I just tossed the pill and like a champ Paul caught it.

Tuesday: Paul was relaxing and getting caught up on the local news. It didn't catch him off guard at all. He caught the pill and then continued reading.

Wednesday: THIS is my favorite catch. Producer Geof putted the vitamin in Paul's mouth.

Thursday: Producer Geof threw the vitamin over his head and ... yup.... Paul caught it.

Friday: And to wrap up the week.... Paul hits the mic and catches his vitamin.

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