Highlights From "All In The Family / "The Jeffersons" Live Performance

You want to know why actors make the big bucks? Because there is no way in the world I could keep a straight face (live tv or not) when an actor like Jamie Foxx blunders. All In The Family and The Jeffersons are back on ABC and doing the show live in front of a studio audience, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

If you DVR'd the show and haven't had a chance to watch... warning... SPOILERS ahead.

Jamie Foxx flubbed a line but because it's live television he had to keep moving through. Jamie said "It's Live, everyone sitting at home just thought their tv messed up." How in the world the cast didn't lose it in that moment, well, that's why they're paid the way they are. I've watched this video multiple times and I still laugh out loud.

This was a HUGE surprise. When 87-year-old Marla Gibbs walked out as Florence, the maid, the live studio audience went crazy! This was the best kept secret.

Jennifer Hudson NAILED the live "Jeffersons" theme song!!!

Woody Harrelson nailed the "All In The Family" theme song....

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