Blake Shelton Wishes Sarah Lee A Happy Birthday!

It's no secret, I'm a huge Blake Shelton fan!! When Paul and Producer Geof asked what I wanted for my Birthday, without hesitating I said, "a call from Blake Shelton singing "Happy Birthday." (A girl can dream...right!) WELL.... this Morning I walk into a decorated filled with lots of Birthday decor!! (Thanks guys!)

I didn't really think they would get Blake Shelton on the phone this Morning because .... it's Blake Shelton and he's a busy "basically married" man. BUT to my surprise, Paul and producer Geof did in fact get Blake on the phone. Paul asked, "What's the one think you wanted for your Birthday?" (If you could have only felt how fast and hard my heart was beating in that moment)

Paul did have Blake Shelton on the phone (just not the Blake Shelton that I expected) This Blake Shelton is from my hometown Kings Mountain and took the time to call in and wish me a Happy Birthday. And THAT means equally as much to me! Who knew that Blake Shelton lived in Kings Mountain!?!?!

Thank you Blake, Paul and Producer Geof!! I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a great group of friends that have become more like family. Although my actual Birthday is tomorrow (April 27th) it's the best Birthday yet.

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