Pay Your Bills 2019

Paul and Sarah Lee Pay Your Bills
Paul and Sarah Lee Pay Your Bills
Upload a bill and tell us why you deserve to have it paid!

Want your bill paid? Paul and Sarah Lee are here to help!

Tell us why your bill should be paid here!

Then, listen to Paul and Sarah Lee every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:15 am. If you hear your name, call 800-570-9690 within 9 minutes!

2019 Pay Your Bills Recipients

  • Vanessa K. from Cheraw - Light bill
  • Courtney M. from Shelby - Car payment
  • Kelli B. from Kannapolis - Sports activity payment
  • Omah S. - Medical bill
  • Nikki B. - Childcare payment
  • Amanda O. - Medical bill
  • Jamie C. from Lincolton - Hospital bill
  • Angel G. from Denver - Electric bill
  • Brandon D. from Charlotte - Student loan
  • Shelley S. from Charlotte - Dental bill
  • Kristen C. from Charlotte - Student loan
  • Allie C. - Student loan
  • Zach G. from Charlotte - Car payment
  • Peter P. from Lincolnton - Insurance bill
  • Stephanie F. from Belmont - STEM program bill
  • Sonya C. from Statesville - Student loan
  • Briana C. from Chester - Electric bill
  • Hope P. from Denver - Medical bill
  • Kathy F. from Davidson - Bill
  • Brianna W. from Gastonia - Medical bill
  • Micah J. from Harrisburg - Car payment
  • Kristen R. from Concord - Medical bill
  • Summer W. from Concord - Home payment
  • Mary A. from Huntersville - Sports tournament fee
  • Ashley T. from Pageland - Cable bill
  • Kathy K. from Maiden - Car payment
  • Heather H. from Concord - Medical bill
  • Summer D. from Shelby - Medical bill
  • Vanessa G. from Gastonia - College tuition

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