Charlotte Man Creates Bed-sheets To Fight Boredom For Children In Hospitals

A hospital stay for a kid isn't fun and games, well it didn't used to be. But now, thanks to the compassion, creativity and follow-through of a man from Charlotte, children staying in hospitals around the world could soon be able to fight boredom right from their beds.

Sparked by a visit to the hospital several years ago where he visited a friend's sick child, Kevin Gatlin was heartbroken by the idea that children had to stay in these drab rooms without having much to occupy their time. He recalled how his wife would play games on the bed with their son until he'd fall asleep, and that's how Kevin came up with the concept to turn bed-sheets into board games.

Today, Gatlin heads his company, Playtime Edventures, which produces more than a dozen different bed sheet options being utilized in more than 10 hospitals nationwide. Not only can kids play games right on their bedsheets, but Kevin, has met with school teachers in order to make the bed-sheets more educational.



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