Police Chase Stolen Car That Crashes Into Taylor Swifts Home

Photo Credit: Hopkinton Police Department

There's something about Taylor Swift that seems to be a magnet for crazy. A police chase ended in Taylor's front yard with a stolen car crashed into the front gate of her home. In Rhode Island, a teenage driver took off during a traffic stop, prompting cops to pursue. Eventually the teen lost control of the car. Thankfully no one was hurt. TMZ reported, the driver has been charged with reckless driving, obstructing an officer and driving on a suspended or denied license. No bail has been set. Just add this to the list of crazy things that happen at a home owned by Taylor.

Last month, 23-year-old Roger Alvarado was busted breaking into Taylor Swifts Manhattan townhouse for the third time. He now faces up to four years in prison.

In 2013 a man swam in the ocean to get to Taylor's home in Rhode Island. Thankfully, Taylor is never home when these unfortunate events take place.

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