Jake Owen Gets Told "Go F Yourself" by Pro-Golfer Phil Mickelson

Photo Cred: Getty Images

Alcohol has been known to give some partakers "liquid courage" and this seems to be the case with Jake Owen. In a recent interview, Jake tells the story of the time he complained to pro golfer Phil Mickelson over the boring golf match with Tiger Woods. The confrontation all went down at pro-golfer Jordan Speith's wedding back in November. Emotions were still high. The wedding took place the day after the pay-per-view match between the golf.

Here are the words straight from Jake's mouth:

"So I walked over to him, and I was like, 'Hey Phil, you owe me f------ $29.99 ... for wasting four hours of my life with the s------- golf I've ever seen. You guys hyped this whole thing up about this big match, you guys couldn't even make three birdies between the two of you.' I'm like, I want my $29.99 back and f------ apologize to me for some s----- golf."

Mickelson quickly hushed Jake Owen up with his response! Jake said that Mickelson pulled out a wad of cash. Puts $100 down and says... 'Yeah, I won 90,000 of these yesterday.' He goes, 'Take $100 and go f--- yourself."

That was that!!! (Due to the language in the video I can't share it here) but if you'd like to watch Jake tell the story... CLICK HERE

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