Teen Who Sold Kidney For Apple Products Is Now Bedridden For Life

Picture Credit: Asia Wire

This outcome is heartbreaking. Back in 2011 a 17-Year old Chinese man, Wang Shangkun wanted new Apple products but he had no money. According to Fox News, the young man sold his kidney to the black market to buy the new products. Shangkun made the comment at the time, " Why do I need a second kidney, one is enough." Unfortunately, shortly after the illegal surgery Shangkun began having decreased levels of kidney function. Now, at 25-Years Old, he is bedridden for life after his remaining kidney failed. 

Shangkun was from a poor area and wanted to impress his friends with his new products. Thankfully, those who were involved with this case, including the surgeons who performed the surgery were arrested and are currently serving jail time. Shangkun currently relies on dialysis to stay alive. 

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