Paul Schadt and Sarah Lee Take On #10YearChallenge

The 10-year challenge has taken over social media. To take part in the challenge you post a picture of you from 10 years ago beside a current picture to see how much has changed. In 10 years, I've moved 5 times, got married and had two children!!! I have grown as a wife, Mom and friend. 


Paul Schadt's 10 Year Challenge
Sarah Lee's 10 Year Challenge

Some Country stars took part in  the challenge as well. LeAnn Rimes Cibrian shared her picture saying, "I caved... 2009 vs 2019 So crazy to dig into pics from 10 years ago. I LovE aging! Wisdom comes with a wrinkle or two... and I’ll take it! "

Russell Dickerson and Carly Pearce promoted their upcoming tour using the #10yearchallenge.

Actress Reese Witherspoon also took part. 

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