The "Bird Box" Challenge, Blindfolded and Kissing Alligators!

The #BirdBoxChallenge is getting out of hand. If you haven't heard of this new craze, it's based on the Netflix movie "Bird Box." The challenge involves people doing everyday activities while they're blind folded. Sounds safe, right?! 

Netflix even urged 'Bird Box' fans not to hurt themselves while attempting the #BirdBoxChallenge. Read more on that HERE 

Watch the video clip below. This is the craziest #BirdBoxChallenge video I've ever seen. According to Wise Brother Media, Jason McDonald is a gator handler who host a gator wrestling class. Each year the class executes a "gator wellness check" right before Winter arrives. 

Sounds dangerous enough... 

Watch this class perform this exercise BLINDFOLDED!! To top it off, they KISS the gator on the head!!! (Not today Satan.... ) 

This is something you have to see for yourself! 

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