Jimmie Allen Breaks Up Concert Fight

Jimmie Allen doesn’t tolerate fighting at his show, especially while other people are there trying to enjoy the music and have fun. During a show in Rootstown, Ohio; one concert attendee started trouble and Jimmie Allen wasn't having that kind of commotion going on while he was on stage. Thanks to concert goer Kaityln... we get to see how it all went down. Kaitlyn caught the moment on her phone and shared it via Twitter. In the clip, you can’t see the actual fight but by Jimmie Allen’s comments you can tell things have escalated to the point he stopped the show to shut it down himself. The best part is when Jimmie Allen tells the security to “come get this clown outta here so we can have a good time. Roll out homeboy, we got your money already, appreciate you." You can tell by the response that the fans appreciated the moment.



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