John Osborne Realizes Parenting Is Not For The Weak


Parenthood is not for the weak.  Lucie Silvas and John Osborne (of the Brothers Osborne) understand this first hand. They recently sat their dog, Barley, down for a serious talk about not running away.

On New Year's Eve, Lucie and John were out of the country and their nephew babysat the couples fur baby Barley. Well, fireworks went off in their neighborhood and Barely panicked when she heard them and escaped out of the home. Immediately, friends and neighbors began looking for Barely who was found five miles away, at John's band-mate and brother TJ Osborne's house.

As you can imagine, that was a terrifying moment for Lucie and John (because lets face it... our pets ARE our babies.) These two had a very important message for their fur daughter when they got home. 



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