1-Year-Old Baby Chanco Is Now A Professional Hair Model!

Photo Credit: P&G Japan Hair Care Communications

1-Year-Old Baby Chanco became a viral sensation when her parents posted a picture of her 8 months ago. This baby has the most beautiful FULL head of hair. (I'm so jealous) After Chanco's picture went viral, she became a social media sensation gaining the attention of P&G Japan Hair Care Associate Brand Director, Yoshiaki Okura.  Okura reached out to Baby Chanco's Parents expressing interest of her becoming a Pantene hair model.

Yoshiaki Okura told 'PEOPLE',“We went straight to her mother because Chanco’s personality and special character matches our image for women we want to support.” 

On January 7, Chanco made her official Pantene debut!!! In addition to the Pantene Japan ad, Chanco also stared in her very own digital movie, The Hairy Tale


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