Believe It Or Not, There Are Restaurant's Open On Christmas Day

Well this is awesome! If you aren't planning on anything big this year for Christmas day, or if you just don't fell like cooking you can still get some good food on Christmas day! There will be several restaurant's open throughout North Carolina that will open their doors on Christmas day! Last year my wife and I brought our daughter home from the hospital and were wondering what we were going to do for dinner. Thankfully there was Chinese delivery available in our neighborhood or we would have been eating cereal for dinner! The team at has put together a list of places that will be open this Christmas so you don't have to go hungry this year. Of course you should always call ahead to make sure the place you want to go is open and if they are make a reservation so you don't get left out but it's nice to see that these places understand that not everyone is doing the big family dinner this year. For the full list click HERE and Merry Christmas! 


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