Dierks Bentley Imposter Scams South Carolina Woman Out of $160,000

There are impostors scamming country fans out of thousands of dollars. According to reports, a woman in Rock Hill, SC got scammed out of $160,000!! The woman thought she was communicating with the real Dierks Bentley through the social media app, Twitter but unfortunately she was talking to an impostor. Scams like this happen frequently and country stars have teamed together to speak out. 

If you think you're talking to a celebrity through social media make sure to check for the blue check mark. Below you will see Dierks Bentley's actual twitter account, notice the blue check mark by his name. You are NOT talking to a celebrity if that certification mark isn't there. Also, celebrities will never ask you for money, plane tickets or gift cards. Watch the video below and listen to your favorite country stars speak out. 

Look for the BLUE check mark. This is Dierks Bentley's Twitter Account


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