What IF You Win The Mega Millions?

Clearly the odds are stacked against anyone hitting for the whole 1.6 billion dollors, but WHAT IF? Well experts say there are a few things you should do. According to CNBC the 1st thing you should do

  • Sign your winning ticket. That way you can prove it's yours IF something happens and it gets stolen. 
  • Be nice to co-workers if you've gone in on a ticket at work. I mean you don't want someone cutting you out of your share of the money right?
  • Don't tell anyone right away. Bragging about winning will only bring out those who want to get a piece of your winnings. I'm sure we all have some kin that will pop up out of no-where looking for a few dollars!
  • Hire a lawyer or financial planner. Unless you've gone to business school trying to manage that kind of money is not gonna be easy. I can barely balance a check book now! 

If you want to read more on what to do IF you win, check on the article from CNBC HERE and Good luck tonight! 


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