It Matters What State You Buy Your Lottery Ticket In!!!

Win the lottery and you could become an overnight BILLIONAIRE! No one won the lottery Saturday so now the Powerball and Mega Millions combined jackpot is around 2 billion dollars!

Anytime the lottery gets this high you begin to ask yourself, “What would I do if I actually won all that money?”

 Would you still work, would you give half to charity, would you blow it all quickly or get all your loved ones out of debt? AND let’s just say you actually win, would you follow through with your plan?

Sunday I bought 3 Powerball tickets. One for me, Paul and Geoff. I thought it would be a great first day on the job gift BUT I made the mistake and bought the tickets in NC. My Dad failed to mention until AFTER I bought the tickets that if I would have driven across the line to SC then I wouldn’t have to identify myself publicly if I won! Brilliant!! Dad’s always know best. If people KNEW you won that kind of money, you would need to go into witness protection (not really but you may wish you could)

SO I thought I’d share that little bit of helpful information with you! If you plan on playing the lottery tonight or in the future, take the small drive over to SC to get your tickets!! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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