These Are The Faces And Stories Of The Route 91 Tragedy Victims

Every day I come into work and write blogs about country music, and other "entertaining" content for you to see. Today I would like to share an article from what would normally be our "competition" in the online world, but when it comes to this article I truly believe that it is more important to feature the content that they shared than to worry about any of that. 

Billy has put together this blog about the victims from the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas. It features pictures and stories, paying tribute to the victims whose lives were taken on that tragic night in Las Vegas. 

You can read about them, and their loved ones by clicking the photo below. Let's all take another moment to keep them and their family and friends in our thoughts and prayers. xo Meg 

These Are The Faces And Stories Of The Las Vegas Shooting Victims

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