WATCH: Fan Throws Back A Home Run Ball And Hits The Player Who Hit It

Ok, first off this is funny. A Red Sox fan threw back the ball that Yankees hitter Giancarlo Stanton hit out of the park yesterday. It happens, but I don't think it's ever hit the guy who made the home run until now. But as a HUGE Red Sox fan this is pretty dumb. Yeah I know the Red Sox and Yankees are the greatest rivalry in sports history, and they had already beat the Sox 2 games in a row so tensions were high. But come on this is uncalled for. That ball would have made some little kids day or he could have sold it and given the money to charity. Something, anything but this. It's unsportsmanlike conduct and just makes people think Red Sox fans are rude (We are when it comes to the Yankees) I'm glad they threw him out and I hope he gets banned for future games. 



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