Keith Urban Stepping In On New Artist Jillian Jacqueline's Song Is Awesome!

Keith Urban is a big supporter of musicians achieving their dreams. He proved it when he was in Charlotte and brought a teen up to play guitar with him, and he loved being on American Idol too, helping the contestants, mentoring them, teaching them about the business. He may not be on American Idol anymore, but Keith is still happy to help new artists succeed. This time he is on Jillian Jacqueline's new song "If I Were You"
It is a great song that Jillian wrote, talking about life after a break up.
Moving on after a breakup can be difficult, but sometimes, someone new walks into your life when you least expect it and a new relationship begins.
Jillian knows exactly what it means to doubt your ability to move forward and say goodbye to the past, and she has put it into a song with Keith Urban singing and playing guitar on it!

“You’re like some kinda lightning / You say all of the right things / You got me coming alive / After all of the hurt I’ve had / Hate how he’s still got me / Blame it on bad timing / You shouldn’t come so close / When you’re looking at me like that,” 

Jillian talks about the song, and what it was like to have Keith record it with her.
“The song was very real to me when I wrote it, and is now one of the most special songs of my career because Keith is part of it with me. His voice and guitar playing took this song to the next level, and I am so proud of it.”

We are so excited to see Jillian doing well, and if you think she looks familiar, she probably does! Jillian was part of our New Faces Show not too long ago at Coyote Joes! 

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