YES! Look Who Is Starring In Brett Eldredge's New Video, This Is Awesome!

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Brett Eldredge is one of the hottest up and coming country artists out there, and he's got a new music video out this week! Brett may be famous and have a ton of fans (myself included), but there is another member of his family that is quickly gaining just as much fame! 

Meet Brett's dog Edgar!  

Is it the weekend yet?

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Edgar has his own Instagram page with over 200 thousand followers, and Brett features him in a LOT of his posts on social media too. I even had the opportunity to meet Edgar when he was in town last time! 

@bretteldredge thank you for the meet n greet with Edgar!! #dogsofkatcountry #iheartcountry 😘 Xo @edgarboogie how about a follow or a like!!

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Well now Edgar is getting his music video debut because Brett has included him in his new video for "Love Someone," and the fans are going nuts! We get to see Edgar on stage, catching bones, dancing on the bus with Brett and the band, greeting fans, and more! 

Way to go Edgar! 


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