North Carolina Boy Robbed at Gunpoint at Lemonade Stand

A nine-year-old boy named Mark was robbed at gunpoint at his lemonade stand in Monroe, North Carolina on Saturday, officials said. The thief got away with $17, all of the boy's earnings. 

"Just when you think you've heard it all, there's something else that will surprise you," said Tony Underwood, a Union County Sheriff's Office spokesman. "I think people are capable of a lot of things, but not robbing a child at a lemonade stand."

Authorities have not identified a suspect, but they did find a BB gun, empty tin and a bicycle nearby.

Since the incident occurred, the community has raised at least $200 for the boy and Lowe's donated a lawnmower, the item the boy was saving his money to buy. The boy was out selling lemonade the next day at a community pool. 

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