LISTEN: JT Talks To Keith Urban About His Music, Kids and A Cool Impala!

I've been lucky enough to meet Keith a few times over the years. I've even interviewed him on the phone before. But this was the 1st time I was able to sit and talk with him one on one and IT WAS AMAZING! I'm still geeked out from it! You can hear the whole thing below. 

Keith's fans are passionate there's no doubt. So we had some fun and asked fan questions. The question here is from Courtney Smith. She wanted to know what was the first song Keith remembers the crowd singing back to him when he was first starting out.

We all know that Keith and his wife are high profile celebrities. But at the end of the day they are normal people with a family. So Kelli Cahill Santorello wanted to know what a typical day in their house is like. Can they just do normal things like everyone else?

Lori Campbell pointed out that Keith has been very willing to share the stage and his experience with up and coming artists like Maren Morris and a few years back, Brett Eldridge. So she wanted to know who, helped him catch a break when he first came to Nashville?

Keith likes to call his songs "kids". They are all personal to him. But Jacqueline Petterson wanted to know if there was ONE song that touched his heart that he wrote.

Pamela Carrier wanted to know his feelings on his girls going into music or acting. Would he be ok with that. Keith's answer was great and we get to learn how he feels about performing after all these years!

Keith is on his way to having another number one song this week and this one is EXTRA special. Since the guitar riffs are from a MERLE Haggard song, he "technically" wrote the song with Merle. Keith took the time to explain how the song came about.

Keith Urban apparently blew his 1st royalty check on a Chevy Impala SS that he bought here in Charlotte. So I was wondering if he still had it. The best part was he took the time to ask ME if I had any regrets when it came to selling a car. That was really cool and of course I had an answer for him!

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