WATCH: JT Bosch's Top 3 Keith Urban Songs

I'll start with Cop Car. Yeah a love song is one of my favorites. To me there is something so special about this song. It's about young love, and taking a chance at life and not worrying about the rules. 

Next up, "Somebody Like You". There are several reasons to love this song, but my favorite part is the banjo in the beginning. Yup I'm pretty simple when it comes to the music I love. If it moves me, I'm hooked!!! 

And my all time favorite Keith Urban song: "You'll Think of Me". It's funny because when this song came out I was working in Top 40 radio (WLAN in Lancaster, PA.) And this song was a huge hit. It's what the radio industry calls a crossover. And I've been hooked on Keith ever since. But what makes me love it is because I think this is one of the 1st break up songs from a male perspective that really spoke to me. I've been in relationships that have ended badly and remember thinking "You'll miss me'!!! HHHAAA! I'm sure she didn't but it's nice to dream! 

Ok I said 3 but I had to post this one! Start a band with Brad Paisley. Ok it's a Brad song with Keith on it, but it's still one of my favorites! Why? Because you have 2 of the greatest guitar players in country music on one song, and who hasn't always wanted to be a rock star? I know I did. I actually have been know to jump in and play drums with a few bands over the years and ALWAYS wonder what it would have been like to have followed that dream. So this song always makes me think of that. 

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