17 Dead From Duck Boat Accident in Branson, Missouri

17 people are dead, including children, after a Ride the Ducks boat capsized in Branson, Missouri on Thursday. Winds of up to 60 MPH were reported as storms rolled into Table Rock Lake. 

Doug Rader, the Stone County Sherif, said a total of 29 passengers and two crew members were on board.

According to sources, life jackets were on board, although it is unclear if they were being used.

Tony Burkhart, a witness to the accident, posted a tweet saying: "We saw high winds & bad weather roll in, so I decided to get a refund and leave with my wife. Headed out, countless first responders & emergency vehicles were going in  to help with the  incident. Branson Belle crew helped toss life preservers to those overboard."

An investigation is ongoing. 

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