Meg's Favorite Vacation Spot.. It Will Surprise You!

So this morning Paul and I were talking to people about their worst vacation experiences, and had some favorites too, but we ran out of time so I wanted to share my favorite vacation spot. 

I found it because of my sister and her now husband had their wedding here! 

Meg's Sister And Husband Wedding Day

The sad thing is I have only been there one time, but given the opportunity I would go back in a hot second! 

Where is it? Grand Lake Colorado! The place to stay? The Rapids Lodge! 

It is located in the mountains of Colorado, and this probably will surprise a lot of people because normally I travel to warm places with tropical beaches.

It isn't the easiest to get to, but is well worth it.

If you are looking for fancy, this is not that. This is more about a relaxing vacation, enjoying some of the most beautiful views, but if you are a golfer, there is a golf course too! Mini golf for the kids is fun too, and there are beautiful places to hike, and even go out on the lake too. 

The Rapids Lodge is where we stayed, and it is incredible! The views from the rooms include running rapids about 10 feet off your balcony, and the rates for the rooms are unbelievable! 

No, this isn't a commercial for them, it truly is one of the most beautiful places I have been to, and my sister having her wedding here made it that much more memorable! 

Grand Lake will remind you of an old western one horse town, and in front of some of the shops there are still places to tie up your horse while shopping!

To get there: 

We flew into Denver where my sister lives, and then we drove like we were heading towards Aspen. When we got into Winter Park Colorado (or almost there) we turned off the freeway and took switchbacks up the mountain for a while (The scenery is breathtaking), and then turned off into Grand Lake. Grand Lake is a big lake surrounded by mountains, and is just incredible. 

As you can see in their YouTube video below, it isn't fancy, but wow is it ever beautiful. 

Take a look at some of the pictures from The Rapids, and if you'd like more information about a possible getaway to experience it yourself, you can find that HERE

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