Hepatitis A Outbreak Linked to Charlotte Hardees

Health officials have announced that people who recently visited Hardees in west Charlotte may have been exposed to a Hepatitis A outbreak. The fast-food restaurant served approximately 4,000 people from June 13-23. 

"Patrons who ate at Hardee's restaurant on Little Rock Road in Charlotte between June 13 and 23 should receive a Hepatitis A vaccination as soon as possible," health officials said.  The health director is urging patrons to get the vaccination within 14 days of consuming food from the west Charlotte Hardees.

Hepatitis A is "a highly contagious liver disease caused by a virus spread from person to person. The illness can last for weeks to months," according to the Mecklenburg County Health Department. Symptoms from the disease include nausea, fever, yellowing of the eyes and skin, dark urine, grey feces, joint pain, feeling tired, loss of appetite and stomach pain.

More than five cases of the disease have been reported in the Charlotte area since April 10th. 

For more information on the outbreak, visit the health department's website.

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