Uber Is Trying To Figure Out How Drunk You Are Before They Pick You Up

Well this is pretty interesting. Uber is trying to develop a way to see how drunk you are before a car will come and pick you up. It will tell how slow you are to respond inside the app, track how fast you are walking and be able to tell if you are near a lot of bars. The idea is that crazy drunk people cause a lot of problems and drivers can actually refuse to pick someone up if they fell like they might be in danger. I can see their point, drunk people are hard to deal with. On the other hand if you've been out drinking, Uber is so convenient and you're less likely to drink and drive. So I'm going to say that it's pretty irresponsible on their part to deny a safe ride home for someone. Imagine if that person drives and kills someone. Read the whole story HERE and then take my survey and let me know what you think about all of this. 



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