We've Been Waiting For This.... SAM HUNT, HE'S BACK, NEW MUSIC!!!

So Monday afternoon if you heard a big WHOOP... It may have been me! It's really funny because a couple weeks ago I sent an email to my friend in Nashville at Universal Music Group that looked like this.... 

Meg Email to Universal

Her response was pretty quick, and left me feeling bummed out that I didn't have any answers.... 

Response email

She and I are going to have to talk about how well she does her job keeping things under wraps!
So Monday afternoon, I was hanging with the dogs minding my own business when BOOM!

I got an email from the boss that there was a new Sam Hunt song coming this week!!!

Not only was there a new Sam Hunt song coming, but they teased us with a little clip of it too!  
I have been waiting for this day for a while,  Sam's last single he released to radio was over a year ago, and his last album was FOUR years ago!
If y'all know me at allllll you know that Sam is my favorite, not only as a writer, but as an artist too, so this is the best news ever! GAH!!!

This is so exciting!

We've got the new song called "Downtown's Dead" starting at 6am this morning, and every hour all day long.... SAM HUNT IS BACK!

If you need more Sam Hunt, here are a couple of my favorite Sam Hunt songs too!! 

Did you know he wrote Kenny Chesney's smash hit "Come Over?" 

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